Im at first of developing three different web programs using the classic php/mysql technologies. These programs would really have photo art galleries (with various needs in sizing).

I believe the best option would be to choose an free solution instead of developing on your own. However, despite the fact that Im an experianced php programmer I've no experiance in free content management systems/photo art galleries.

So, questions:

  1. do you know the best options to have an free php photo gallery thinking about which i will certainly have screw up using their code and extend it (ive seen plogger and zenphoto, not impressed)?

  2. Could it be smart to select a wide open source php photo gallery or opt for a content management systems (eg wordpress, joomla, typeo3 etc)?

If anybody has experiance in making use of and stretching php free applications please share some understanding.

In case your site mainly on photo gallery outlined, easier to choose Photo gallery open source that are around rather than Joomla like Content management systems.

I suggest to look a great gallery wordpress plugin that meets your needs from wordpress wordpress plugin directory.

I really use Gallery, although not meaning that many people do. I do the installation inside a directory that just the admin might find. I link up through my Content management systems by having an icon, and tie the authentication system to complement my CMS's. It is available just for the admin to obtain photos in.

After that, I actually do queries around the front-finish with php into Gallery's database to obtain the photos which i want. It's definitely not brain surgery when you discover which tables and which sites are needed to obtain the thing you need.

Could I personally use something canned? Sure. But my clients demand in addition to that. Because I am too busy to obtain something completely custom finished which includes resizing, javascript popping, folder crossing, etc additionally towards the crazy front-end transitions and presentation I already write, this is a great solution. And delay pills work, each time. I'm able to focus time on making the leading-finish really unique and excellent for your particular application.

You can test:

  1. Gallery
  2. Coppermine

Both of them are well-known PHP Photo Gallery open source (GPL License). Also both of them are underactive development and also have a large community of customers, so that you can most likely get help when you'll need it.

Also have some, type of integration most abundant in known free Content management systems.