I am going to launch a startup site I have been focusing on for a while, and I am at the moment overlooking hosting plans. The site's primary feature is rather processor-heavy (a lot of text processing), and so i most likely need something other then hosting that is shared to make sure I do not get shut lower for overusing assets.

I must spend less than possible on hosting before the site begins producing earnings, so under-$60/mo is transpire. One caveat is the fact that I want a Home windows box with this particular site, therefore it is harder to obtain a great deal. For your cost, I'm able to either obtain a bottom-tier devoted (2gigs ram, pentium 4) or perhaps a middle-tier VPS (3gb RAM, a little increased traffic and HD) for any couple of dollars more monthly.

I'd a poor knowledge about a minimal-finish VPS a couple of monthes ago, so ensuring whatever I recieve are designed for the fundamental traffic of the website in addition to giving me things i need (extra processing energy) is important. Have you got any suggestions regarding which approach to take, or perhaps a certain webhost you've labored with that you could recommend?

I have handled a couple of of those for any client plus they labored pretty much for that cost they compensated...

http://world wide web.hetzner.p/p/hosting/produkte_rootserver/eq4/

I am by no means afiliated or endorsed by them. Much like their prices and product. The truth is you should know how you can manage the server yourself. I have not were built with a home windows machine there, just linux boxes...

If you discover anything good please publish back, I am thinking about any review.