What's the easiest method to send all visitors to your website a 404 page? I am presently focusing on the website and wish it to just 404 for those demands. I have attempted experimenting with htaccess files but weren't too effective to get one working such as this. Furthermore, I'd like traffic to particular folder to still cope with.

As the real question is mentioned the simplest way is always to move all of your content into that folder.

However, reading through between your lines it may sound like you need to see the site within the root folder, and block other people from doing exactly the same. It appears in my experience what for you to do is consider the Apache manual's section on Authentication and Authorization http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/howto/auth.html

Something similar to the next someplace or Directory portion of your Apache config, or perhaps in b .htaccess file should work. Place the the page you need to show your customers inside a special location

      #The page you want to show denied users.
      ErrorDocument 403 /path/to/403.html
      #The page you want to show when pages aren't found (404)
      ErrorDocument 404 /path/to/404.html

      #For Password Protection
      #Use the htpasswd utility to generate .htpasswd
      AuthType Basic
      AuthName "My Secret Stuff"
      AuthUserFile /path/to/my/passwords/.htpasswd
      Require valid-user

      #For IP protection
      Order allow,deny
      Allow from #Your IP Here

      #If you want to use a combination of password and IP protection
      #This directive works if they have a valid IP OR a valid user/pass
      Satisfy any