I've got a daily quote which i publish on my small wordpress blog every single day. I wish to make an iOS application for my customers to ensure that they are able to obtain the daily quote on their own mobile products as well as have the ability to save their faves, etc.

Initially, my plan ended up being to make use of the Feed from the wordpress blog. However, I do not enjoy the way in which this could work. I'd rather have the ability to send the quote from my computer (or apple iphone) and also have it's "pressed" to my customers. At this time my blog has over 450 posts. I would like my customers to get access to all past posts, also it appears just like a slow method of likely to have my Feed set to exhibit that lots of posts.

I haven't any experience of this kind of factor. My developer experience is within game dev and that i could really apply certain help foreseeing this out. Any suggestions could be appreciated.

There is a sample work for getting and reading through and Feed. That might be a great starting point. Once you know the fundamentals of iOS programming and design, then you may thinking about while using APNS (Apple Push Notification Services). Which include (fairly complex) enables you to definitely push your quote on the watch's screen. But when you quote is simply too lengthy, that may not make sense at all.

But the first thing is to buy your ft wet and obtain up to date with iOS development. Have a couple of days for your a minimum of.