Good mid-day,

I am facing an issue about the best way to send email through my application located on hostingrails.

During my config/initializers I added personal files "setup_mailer" that contains this

ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = :sendmail

ActionMailer::Base.perform_shipping = true

ActionMailer::Base.raise_delivery_errors = true

ActionMailer::Base.default_charset = "utf-8"

# Production

if Rails.env.production?

    ActionMailer::Base.sendmail_configurations = 


and my mailer is really as below

class Notification < ActionMailer::Base

def subscription_confirmation(user)


    mail(:to => @readers, :subject => "blabla")



    def setup_email(user)

        @readers =

        @from = "support@xxxxx.xx"

        headers "Reply-to" => "support@xxxxx.xx"

        @sent_on      =

        @content_type = "text/html"



It appears to operate very fine on my small local machine. However in production, emails aren't sent correctly and that i receive this message during my support mailbox.

A note that you simply sent while using -t command line option contained no

addresses which were not also around the command line, and were therefore

covered up. This left no recipient addresses, and thus no delivery could

be attempted.

For those who have any idea, the support appears cannot assist me to, hope a number of you will have ideas or config files from hostingrails to talk about.

Thanks, albandiguer

I'd the identical problem - resolved it by getting rid of the -t in the sendmail_configurations.

I've not looked much further to research other implications, but a minimum of it really works. But in the guy page:

   -t     Extract readers from message headers. They are put into  any

          readers specified around the command line.

      With Postfix versions just before 2.1, this method mandates that no

      recipient addresses are specified around the command line.

So perhaps only a difference in Postfix versions?

Try calling to_s on or indicating user email as "#"