Could someone please show me in obvious terms in regards to what Serial Equivalence is? I've had a glance but can't appear to locate a obvious meaning of what it really really means?

My current understanding is how an order of transactions is not important because they are serially equivalent and also the outcome is identical? If the in correct please explain what this really means.

One of these simple must do it:

Utilized in DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM technology to explain the result that numerous parallel or nested TRANSACTIONS dress in the condition of these a method. When such transactions are completed their effect is stated to become serially equivalent when the condition from the system is equivalent to when they were completed sequentially.


Two transactions are serial if all of the procedures in a single transaction precede the procedures within the other.


We are saying that the interleaving of two blocks is serially equivalent, when the result is the same as an execution by which one block was performed entirely prior to the other.


Also, have a look at the end of page 6 and additional on of the PDF document:

Especially have a look in the the good examples succumbed the PDF document and also at the next link.