I am presently on hosting that is shared plan with dreamhost and also have installed Django according to http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Django . However, I in addition have a wordpress blog that If only to help keep running inside a subdirectory, i.e, site.com/blog.

Can you really do that. Setting up Django produces a passenger_wsgi.py file within the Django root directory which redirects all of the demands to django

basically try to visit my blog i recieve a mistake since clearly it isn't in url.py. Can you really in some way serve the wordpress blog out of the box by setting up wsgi or django, and just how can one do that?

Interesting time

P.S. I presently have re-named passenger_wsgi.py to ensure that your blog shows

You are able to disable Phusion Passenger for specific locations within the Passenger application while using following code:

<VirtualHost *:80>

    ServerName world wide web.foo.com

    DocumentRoot /applications/foo/public

    <Directory /applications/foo/public/wordpress>

        PassengerEnabled off

        AllowOverride all      # <-- Makes Wordpress's .htaccess file work.



For additional methods, browse the Phusion Passenger documentation

For individuals who's on hosting that is shared you may create file .htaccess under /path/to/your/blog with one line inside it:

PassengerEnabled off

There you have it.