I have acquired a task that must import some (old) JBI components which were developed using ServiceMix around three years back. I have to bring these into to some modern GlassFish atmosphere. To date, it's not so obvious what or the way i must do it. Any tips or pointers?

My worst situation scenario would be to wrap the JBI component get in touch with a POJO class, draining the ServiceMix bits, to ascertain if which will a minimum of obtain the gears spinning again.

I note elsewhere, the JBI code in ServiceMix isn't apparently JBI licensed. So perhaps that could be a sign this might be a non-sequitur.


I'd think and re-think after which re-think once again before moving or posting anything into open esb. OpenESB project has essentially been left without funding since Oracle bought Sun.

Used to do one better. I authored my very own data flow processing system on your own. Anything else available only agreed to be too heavyweight and sophisticated.

My new system, code named LightRail, is effective. All connectivity is component driven and defined via a single JSON configuration file. All processing and flow control is handled via a single BeanShell script.

I have already used 10 different data flows within the last 10 several weeks, hooking up to IMAP, SFTP, FTP, Files along with a database or two. Existence is nice again...