I've just began learning Git and that i enjoy a little stuck. We're using Github to keep our "stable" project however i am getting trouble dealing with the repo.

I wish to determine if its likely to utilize a local webservers htdocs/[projectname] because the working directory - by doing this I possibly could clone the repo from github, focus on it around the local server ( therefore it works because the application should permitting me to check everything i write correctly ) after which stage -> commit after that.

I'm focusing on a Mac while using MAMP atmosphere. The applying is really a PHP based Content management systems. We're holding it on Github on the private repository. Presently Git appears to become using /Users/Ben/Core-CMS because the working dir but this causes it to be very difficult to test things out - it might be far better when the working dir was within the apache htdocs dir

I purchased Professional Git however i am getting a really difficult time learning the concepts of git - I've intentionally prevented while using GUI's as If only to understand intricacies of Git correctly before I start 'cheating'!

This should not be any problem. I am carrying this out constantly.

Change to your public directory and do git clone REPO_URL Title_OF_DIR_TO_CLONE_TO first.

The dir you clone a git repository need to not exist.

You simply need a ssh key approved to push your changes towards the repository to github and git placed on the server (or perhaps your client for those who have mounted everything for your local machine).

Then you definitely would you commit that is just local and when you're done you might push your changes to github.

One other way is always to result in the webserver make use of your working directory since it's DocumentRoot.

I really hope I did not miss your condition here )

If you possess the permission to create within the htdocs dir, just move /Users/Ben/Core-CMS to htdocs/Core-CMS and can get on at http://localhost/Core-CMS.

If you fail to write within the htdocs dir, I'd create /Users/Ben/web, put my projects inside and tell apache for everyone after that. To inform apache to appear in /Users/Ben/web for everyone work, search for the next line inside your apache conf:

DocumentRoot /path/to/htdocs

and change it with:

DodumentRoot /Users/Ben/web