I'm creating a website and wouldn't prefer to reconfigure the web site from pointing to http://127...1 to http://world wide web.example.com. In addition, the certificate that i'm using is obviously created using the correct domain title of world wide web.example.com but my test atmosphere makes calls to 127...1 making the safety not work correctly.

Things I presently wish to accomplish is configure my development atmosphere to assign the domain title world wide web.example.com to 127...1 to ensure that all http://world wide web.example.com/abc is routed to http://127...1:8000/abc and https://world wide web.example.com/abc is routed to https://127...1:8080/abc.

I'm not using Apache. I'm presently using node.js as my web server and my development atmosphere is within Mac OS X Lion.


Should you edit your etc/hosts file you are able to assign an arbitrary host title to become set to 127...1. Open /etc/hosts inside your favorite text editor and add this line:

127...1   world wide web.example.com

Unclear about how to prevent indicating the main harbour within the HTTP demands you are making to example.com, but when you have to avoid indicating that in the request level, you can run nodejs as root to really make it listen on port 80.

Edit: After editing /etc/hosts, you might curently have the DNS request for your domain cached. You are able to obvious the cached entry by running this around the command line.

dscacheutil -flushcache