This is actually the situation

I'm adding some articles inside a category that aren't linked with a food selection ... after i use JCE to connect to this content from another article, recption menus ID from the page displayed is placed towards the one I'm connecting from ... This really is perfect, the breadcrumbs will work not surprisingly and things are fine ...

The issue is after i try a search... once the results return, individuals linked articles without any food selection returns without any itemID

I'm wondering if there's a method to modify Joomla Router to create an ItemID for that pages without any ItemID when they match certain catID ...

I understand I'll be modifying the core files ... I am unable to create hidden menu products as this will disturb the breadcrumbs navigation... They have large numbers of groups so creating food selection for every is going to be painful!

Thanks for the help.

You can certainly customize the router to find information about the catID for the article, but it wouldn't accomplish anything unless of course that category includes a corresponding food selection. itemID particularly originates from the itemID so there has to be a food selection associated with it so as for this to become a valid itemID.

You can modify your research form to pass through across the current itemID, but when your research turns up on every page, it might vary based on in which the search was started.

If all your content products may use exactly the same itemID, you might like to simply employ an override for the search engine results and include that particular itemID to any or all your research results.

I'm afraid that there's no simple answer should you don't want to produce menu products.