I'm creating a Fedora server (on VirtualBox at this time). It's running Fedora 15.

I would like my PHP script to have the ability to edit the items in personal files within the same folder it's in.

The PHP script and also the file have been in /home/user/public_html/

But, after i call "file_put_contents("./theFile.txt")" I recieve a mistake stating that it can't open the stream, permission refused.

So, I've:
- Made the file permissions 0777.
- Made the folder permissions 0777.
- Added the "apache" user towards the group "wheel".
- Transformed the consumer folder permissions to 0771.
- Transformed who owns the general public_html folder and also the text file to "apache:apache".

I'm inside my wits finish and that i have idea how to proceed next. Suggestions?

SELinux is stopping you against writing the file. Begin to see the httpd_selinux(8) guy page for ways to utilizeOrabout it.