I've got a website where I wish to do transaction which needs to be achieved over https, however the https works only without world wide web (because of some problem while taking SSL certificate).

  1. http:/ /world wide web.example.com
  2. https:/ /example. com

I wish to set the snacks that are available in above of two.

Restrictions: 1. https:/ /example. com cannot made https:/ /world wide web.example. com, because of SSL certificate isn't readily available for world wide web.example. com) 2. http:/ /world wide web.example. com cannot be made http:/ /example. com, because Google has indexed plenty of pages with world wide web, if you remove now, you loose the Search engine optimization

Regards, Prashant

for any cookie to become valid on all Subdomains, you utilize

.example.com (The us dot at the start is essential!)

I am unsure concerning the SSL part though, you can find an alert when the non-secure cookie has been continue reading the secure domain.

Hope this can help, Freddy