Im along the way of starting a Django application on ec2, but have hit a wall attempting to install my code on my small AMI instance. This really is my situation: I've got a bitnami AMI ready to go which has Django, apache, Postgresql, and almost all my dependancies installed, and that i have my completely functional Django application running on my small local machine that I've been testing so far using the Django Dev server. After a great deal of searching, the most typical techniques of setting up an application for an ec2 instance appear either using ssh/sftp/scp to decrease a tarball within the instance, or developing a repository and posting code after that. If anybody will easily notice me the technique they like, and guide me with the process, or give a connect to a great tutorial, it might be greatly appreciated!

tar -pczf yourfile.tar.gz MyProject

scp -i /home/user/.cert/yourcert.pem yourfile.tar.gz user@serveripaddress:/home/user

tar -xvf /home/user/yourfile.tar

It's my job to simply scp -R my whole site directory into /home/bitnami of my AMI. I am using Apache/NGINX/Django with mod_wsgi. Therefore the directory (for instance /home/bitnami/djangosites/) will get known to according to my mod_wsgi path during my apache cfg file.

Quite simply, why don't you just move the entire directory recursively (scp -R) rather than creating a tarball etc?