I enjoy having must have my IDE (PHPStorm) range from the WordPress codebase being an exterior library automatically.

While using project files saved on the remote server option, I must pick the WordPress root because the directory and download all of the core files if I wish to obtain the full enjoy the IDE.

It is possible to method to range from the WordPress code base being an exterior library that loads automatically in most projects? The feature can be obtained for javascript libraries however i have undergone all of the configurations and should not find in whatever way to include WordPress in less it's within the cause of my project.


Is the incorrect approach? Will it be preferable to specify my local mirror like a subdirectory of the existing project which includes WordPress core? All projects have to remain separate.

You can test to place the wordpress codebase in phpstorm's configurations "include path" : But you must do this for each project (this is the way phpstorm works, but this allow you to have different php versions for the projects).

Use File > Configurations > Project Configurations > PHP You have to then locate your PHP version, then you'll have the ability to add by hand include pathways, and employ php.ini's include path.