I am a Home windows webmaster, moving to Light and my Mac laptop Professional. I am attempting to make use of the Apache that ships with Mac OS X (I am on Lion), however the out-of-the-box config is not working.

I have enabled Web Discussing in System Preferences, however when I browse in the URL it proposes (the Ip) or after i browse to http://localhost/ I recieve a 403 "You do not have permission to gain access to /index.html about this server" error.

My assumption would be that the _www user does not plenty of permissions to see the items in Apache's document root (/Customers/[myname]/Sites), but I am baffled regarding how you can configure this (as well as frustrated the OS ships without it critical config piece already done).

I have seen several forum posts and lessons regarding how to modify permissions using chmod and chown, etc., however i aren't able to find a solution will be able to understand.

Help? Shall We Be Held heading down your path, and when so, what is the darn syntax I ought to be utilising?

Thank you ahead of time.