I understand that MAC OS X 10.5 includes Apache installed but I must install the most recent Apache without touching the OS Defaults incase it causes problems later on along with other udpates. So I have tried personally the particulars situated at:http://diymacserver.com/setting up-apache/producing-apache-on-leopard/ But I am unsure steps to make this the 64 Bit version of Apache because it appears to still install the 32 bit version.

Any assistance is appreciated


Add this for your ~/.party_profile which means your architecture is 64-bit ant you’d prefer to compile Universal binaries.

export CFLAGS="-arch x86_64"

This site claims that the flag for gcc (maix64) should have the desired effect. Provide a whirl, and when you'll need anymore help, publish back here.

Remember that you might encounter difficulties with your apache modules. If they're put together in 32-bit mode, then you'll not have the ability to load them right into a 64-bit apache.

I'd this problem with mod_python, required a little of thinking to determine it was the main reason.

Don't export CFLAGS out of your .party_profile or other us dot file. Your house directory could survive for many years, the machine you are presently using is transient.

There is a guide on Apple's site, Porting UNIX/Linux Programs to Mac OS X, that talks particularly about steps to make autoconf and make along with other similar build systems squeeze into the Mac OS X Universal Binary plan. If you are likely to build mix-Unix programs on Mac OS X, you need to see and appreciate this guide.

Nevertheless, I strongly question why you need to build Apache 64-bit. Simply because Leopard can run 64-bit software does not mean you would like all software in your system to become 64-bit. (It isn't Linux.) Actually, virtually no software that ships with Leopard runs 64-bit automatically, and the majority of the programs incorporated with Leopard only ship 32-bit.

Unless of course you've got a pressing have to run Apache 64-bit, I wouldn't bother attempting to construct it this way.

Should you read a little further on a single site there's some good info on producing Apache in 64 bits mode! http://diymacserver.com/2008/10/04/update-on-64-bits-compilation/