I want assist with this problem. I am attempting to install php during my netbeans however i have no idea just how to get it done. The netbeans version i'v downloaded curently have PHP installed (i can produce a php project). But, for whatever reason after i run the project, nothing happens. I dont think i've Apache Tomcat set up in my netbeans, that things i need assistance for. When adding the "tomcat 6." server, this post is needed:

server location (catalina home)



I've no clue what's that. I'd apreciate help about this - How you can install PHP + ApacheTomcat on neatbeans.

Apache Tomcat is perfect for running Java applications. You will be wanting Apache HTTP server rather.

I have always stored installing Apache and netbeans separate, I'd:

  1. Install Apache in your system - does not matter if Home windows or Linux, just follow install instructions.
  2. Discover the Apache directory that you'll add your php files into. That's usually /var/www/ on Linux, haven’t heard of Home windows.
  3. Produce a new PHP project in Netbeans and configure it to make use of sources in the Apache directory in #2. Say for any project known as teststuff I produce a dir known as /var/www/teststuff/ and make up a Netbeans project inside there.

You need to have the ability to browse to http://localhost to visit your new server running.