I'm getting some trouble setting up wordpress on my small mac. It's the very first time I've ever used xampp and I've been following a guides but appear to possess gone wrong and can't take action through google. I downloaded xampp, installed it, enabled apache, mysql although not ftp... I recieve the mistake:

 - error: no valid servers configured
 - Fatal: error processing configuration file '/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/etc/proftpd.conf'

I attempted just transporting on when i wasn't confident that this was a problem. I downloaded wordpress replicated it in to the htdocs within the xampp directory, re-named the config file in the example title and also got the initial secrets and salts in the api url then changing the secrets within the config.

Then i was told to visit localhost where i ought to possess a directory look at the htpdocs folder. Ijust obtain the xampp homescreen.... hope someone might help me!?

You most likely have no need for FTP while working in your area. And So I wouldn't worry an excessive amount of concerning the error there.

After you have xampp homescreen, this means that you are setup - any websites / programs you are writing is going inside httpdocs/ folder which means you finish track of

httpdocs/. httpdocs/Wordpress

If put forth http://localhost/Wordpress/ you need to begin to see the Wordpress installation screen.

That needs to be enough to enable you to get began :)

If you wish to install Wordpress you'll be able to use AMPPS for Mac, you are able to install Wordpress effortlessly on one click as well as get immediate updates, additionally, it provides 230+ scripts by using it. I began using AMPPS for my Mac 10.7.1 some days back and that i did not faced any difficulty till now as it features a very friendly GUI. You can easily try it out.