I have produced an Zend Application on the local machine, with Zend Server Placed on it.

However am now searching emigrate it to some live host - Hosting that is shared with Parallel Plesk 8.4.

I have moved everything up and also at some point I had been just obtaining a blank screen when loading the general public folder.

I tweaked the general publicOrcatalog.perl file to incorporate Error_Confirming(E_ALLE_STRICT)

And So I am now getting a mistake in the script. The mistake I'm getting is...

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Config_Exception' with message 'Error parsing /var/world wide web/vhosts/eekonomics.co.united kingdom/httpdocs/application/configs/application.ini online 4

Theres more towards the error. But a lot of it appears irrelevant, If needed I'm able to publish the relaxation.

Has anybody any ideas the way i could possibly get this setup and dealing, Its slowing down me lower large style :-(

Any help appreciated...

Altering the applying.ini file from APPLICATION_Road to the complete path from the files appears to possess fixed this.

I have got another error connected with PDO Adapter not installed, but that's lower to some server install problem instead of Zend / PHP.