I've looked on this website and thru general google.com sites to have an easy response to this, but apparently I'm not sure the best key phrases to stimulate a helpful answer. I have observed that The search engines do this with assorted extensions to the internet search engine, like "code.google.com, mail.google.com, etc.", however i aren't able to find any documentation the way they made it happen...

I'm creating a site using Light and I have read that it is smart to setup another domain to host site assets, as well as setup another domain to aid extra time towards the primary site.

So for instance if I've got a (theoretical) domain of "world wide web.example.com" is it feasible (and just how will i get it done?) to setup a website using the Link to "images.example.com"? I suspect it calls for using DNS or writing b .htaccess file, or something like that, however i just have no idea.

I am not searching for a complete answer (although that might be nice for those who have a tight one), should you could make sure you could do and point me towards documentation, manuals, training websites, etc. that might be really awesome.

I appreciate you considering this publish and thanks ahead of time for just about any useful solutions provided.

This really is really pretty easy. If things are around the server, around the DNS side you can include a `CNAME' record that indicates your tld.

images.example.com. 300 IN CNAME example.com.

This provides the liberty to alter the IP of example.com (ie altering servers), and also the subdomain follows.

Around the apache side, you just setup one more vhost that will assist files in the directory that consists of all of your images.


    DocumentRoot /path/to/your/webroot/images

    ServerName imaages.example.com

    <Directory /path/to/your/webroot/images>

        Options -Indexes

        AllowOverride all