I'm following a threads to setup a virtual host on stackoverflow. used to do follwoing

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin timy@yt.com
    DocumentRoot "C:/www/test"
    ServerName test.devsite-1.com
    ServerAlias test.devsite-1.com

in home windows host file   test.devsite-1.com

I hit following url in browser


The resulting page shows me your opportunity of folder i.e localhost page... while I had been expecting it'll show this content of index.php put into /test folder?

Can someone correct me should i be interpretation a problem?


So if you are proven the items in your test folder maybe you have to define index.php being an index.

You could test having a index.html file within the directory first, however i believe you're missing the DirectoryIndex directive inside your Virtualhost configuration.

Try adding:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

for your Virtualhost configuration.

Try adding

DirectoryIndex index.php

for your virtualhost.

BTW: I would suggest with a couple type of test.devsite-1.local which means you don't accidently block the actual test.devsite-1.com.