I'm getting an issue where i get the mistake "Shadowbox isn't defined" also it indicates that Shadowbox.init(shadowbox_conf) may be the problem.

In my opinion this problem began occurring after i up-to-date from wordpress 3.3. to three.3.1.

I can not understand why it has all of a sudden began to result in an issue. Regrettably my javascript abilities are missing, so any assist you to could produce could be appreciated.

You will see the page under consideration here. (note I'm using shadowbox JS wordpress plugin to make use of the shadowbox lightbox, and that i also have integrated this using the javascript wordpress plugin isotope, that is use for layout and blocking.


okay, i eventually located the fix. I'm while using Shadowbox JS wordpress plugin. Works out this wordpress plugin continues to be taken off the repository at wordpress, and that i had skipped on the most recent update which fixed the compatibility issues. Go here below to discover many download teh latest version should you require.