I am split whether it is really an SO question or perhaps a SF question, so I am beginning here.

There exists a legacy application running under PHP4(don't request), plus some other code we have to run under PHP5.

Session data that's set around the PHP4 side does not appear to become visible/present when running code around the PHP5/cgi side. I am carrying out a session_start, adding some session data under PHP4, after which carrying out a var_dump from the session from PHP5 and $_SESSION is null.

Has anybody got this working?

Atmosphere: Apache 2.2.x PHP 4.4.9 (mod_php) PHP 5.1.3 (cgi) Centos 5.6


First, perhaps you have verified the session.save_path is identical for versions of PHP? You will getOrarranged it with [cde].

Second, are you certain both PHP instances are utilizing the same session ID, or perhaps is each version producing its very own session ID? You will getOrarranged it with [cde]. When they aren't, verify the session.name is identical, otherwise they could be attempting to load the session ID from different snacks. (Could be get/set with [cde].)

Even when both of the aforementioned match, I'm not sure whether they may even share a session like this. Otherwise, you are able to define a custom session handler for each of them to make use of. That's how programs which are load-balanced usually work -- there is a custom session handler that saves session info wherever/nonetheless they want (usually inside a database rather than files), and all sorts of servers can access that shared location. See [cde].