I am attempting to share just one httpd.conf file across multiple OS X machines. I am using Dropbox to handle the file making it open to both machines. The issue I am getting would be that the httpd.conf file needs to load virtual host config files from the location inside my home directory and also the path differs on each machine.

I attempted referencing the ${HOME} variable, but, although it works when beginning Apache by hand, that variable is not available when Apache tries as well at startup. I found that by asking this question.

Like a next thing, I produced ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist and produced a brand new atmosphere variable I known as HTTPD_CONF_BASE_PATH that indicates the correct home directory on each machine (e.g. /Users/rwilkerson). Regrettably, Apache does not appear to love my custom variable. It's identified by the machine--I'm able to echo it simply fine--but Apache won't start at boot or by hand in the event that value has been recommended.

Is Apache that responsive to which atmosphere variables it'll acknowledge? Have i got every other options here? I am from things will be able to want to try.

However , apache is not running as "you" therefore it doesn't have method of knowing which home folder you mean.

Your best choice would be to keep your config files in the same path on machines. When the files absolutely have to reside in your house folder, use a symbolic connect to point from somewhere common.