hey people i'm creating a social networking and also the features which can be found and also the technologies which are used are actually avanced. i'm aminly using xmpp however when i found setting up openfire, i came across which i cant install openfire on shared hostings so when i checked the cost of devoted hosting it had been about $200 - $300 a moth, and this is actually expencive couz i'm a student. i required a dession of hosting my very own devoted hosting. i am talking about, i connect my web site to my desktop computer having a 24/7 web connection. couz i've read once will be able to do that. so please conferm in my experience if it's really posible for connecting a web site to a desktop computer and prevent while using hosting site server or it's imposible?? and please produce alink for support. as well as let me know basically did that (making my server my desktop computer), does it function just like a devoted server??? thank you for anybody who helps me.

Presuming you will not have much traffic at first you will not always are having issues of bottlenecking when utilizing your desktop computer. But like Billy has pointed out, you will find many difficulties with making use of your desktop computer to become your devoted server.

Your server will certainly not run 24/7, because I'm able to guarantee you you will see some down-time inside.

For the static Ip, consider dyndns. This can most likely assist you.

Once traffic accumulates in your site, consider moving to some VPS because I highly doubt your connection and computer will have the ability to keep it in check (when the social networking reaches that much cla).

I'd highly recommend against using home PC as devoted server.

First of all, home pc isn't examined and specified to become being used 24/7. Next, if you are using it as being a house pc along with a server, it will have to be re-began sometimes and can pick upvirus etc... Third, you don't have a devoted team of specialist server maintenance within your house 24/7 ... or would you? Furthermore, it's unlikely that the house has already established analysis for environment risks etc...

I believe a much better solution for you'd be vps like that one: http://world wide web.surpasshosting.com/hosting-vps-solutions.php

If you opt to obtain a server running in your own home, you actually can - but you'll need a static Ip. That's as much as your isp. Also, it's worth observing the incoming bandwidth and also the outgoing bandwidth don't tally for home connections. Incoming is generally about 10 occasions greater.

You need to have a look only at that publish http://lifehac.kr/fMQdqD which provides you tutorials regarding how to setup your desktop computer as Web Server. But Personally I don't recommend doing the work unless of course it's for your own personel learning.

  1. Some Web service provider do not let customers to host website with home internet, they may really prohibit you against using. First speak to your Web service provider and find out whether or not they allow this.

  2. Being able to access website out of your home PC could be very slow and can have large amount of Security issues.

  3. You'd be investing unnecessary time researching and repairing your computer issues. Rather you place couple of dollars and rent a VPS on your own and produce assembling your shed Live.

You can't run XMPP on the shared/merchant hosting. You can begin searching at budget VPS or Cheap VPS initially and find out whether or not this calculates. Its like the devoted Servers but simply there isn't devoted hardware resource. However, you will not have the difference. VPS with decent configuration begins at $10 - $15 monthly.