hopefully someone can point me within the right direction with this particular.

I'm beginnerish with PHP but making good progress. This really is much more of a server /sysadmin type question, I'm very eco-friendly at server stuff and so i am searching for some very fundamental pointers or ideas if at all possible.

I'm writing a gallery type system a little like istock.com. There's one admin/intranet (refer to it as admin.com), and something image repository also held around the admin.com site folder.

I'll be adding multiple sites which are set up inside the central admin area, which access the central database, and that also access / pull images in the central repository. These websites is a group of scripts that pull relevant central data, which are each by themselves domain and hosting account. All sites + the admin are on a single physical server. Images are held underneath the public folder on admin.com for security reasons.

Discussing the database is very straightforward. Being able to access the files in a single host account from these guys showing more complicated.

Around the ultimate server with this system, I'll be running Cpanel and establishing a number take into account each site, I'm not sure if the is important.

I've investigated as well as I'm able to and all sorts of I'm able to find are various posts of individuals speaking about open_basedir. Nevertheless the only formal documentation I'm able to find about this is on php.internet there it states this technique is deprecated for security reasons. So I don't know this really is even what you want.

So in a nutshell, (on a single physical server) I've e.g. 3 sites running in one central database and being able to access/serving files from an off-public folder on the fourth site. All 4 sites get their own hosting account, most likely on Cpanel.

The php scripts within the public folders around the 3 sites have to connect with and serve the files, without permitting any public use of individuals files or access by anything apart from the php scripts. Each site may write images in to the central repository also. Oh, the server is going to be Light.

I'm managing a local version of WAMP, and also the project reaches a place in which the 2 sites have to be speaking. And So I will hopefully configure this in your area, then configure it remotely once the new server is to establish.

If anybody can point me within the right direction, in as fundamental terms as you possibly can, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Thank you