You will find numerous fields a person can complete where they'd enter a URL (their personal website, internet site, favorite sites, and so forth).

It is the only factor they'd be entering for the reason that particular area.

So must i always strip out "http://" to help keep it consistent and also to also reduce the potential of damaged links (ie. "http//")?

Simply not sure what the easiest method to store Web addresses is.

If there is a reason to sanitize your users' input (security, size, speed, precision...) then get it done.

But otherwise, don't.

There's really an advantage lots of occasions in taking your customer-input data as-is. They own their very own typos or misspellings, damaged links, etc. this way. As lengthy because it does not result in a problem for you personally (i.e. you do not have grounds to sanitize it).

BTW -- consistency is really a moot point, because it will not alter the data type, and you will easily look for the "http://" and add or take it off as necessary inside your presentation layers having a re-functional function.

So far as I understand you really cannot refer to it as an "URL", without getting the protocol part:

I wouldn't take it off.

If however you will need to keep your data consistent, it is dependent the way the URL is really entered the application. Whether it's a browser-like application, I'd wager it may be assumed to become http:// in-front if there's none, for valid links.

If you feel it's consistent area of the relaxation from the data from the area and when you believe you are going to make use of it using the URL - place it.

In my opinion you will need to alter it later .. I wouldn't place it within the DB.