I'm attempting to put a rewrite rule on .htaccess, but it is no longer working. Should i create a switch to php.ini make it possible for rules to be included to .htaccess?

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No, php.ini is particularly associated with PHP, .htaccess is Apache.

What exactly are your rules? If it's something similar to mod_rewrite, then you may want to let the mod_rewrite module in Apache.

You need to edit your apache vhost file and permit the .htaccess file to override the configurations. This is accomplished through the


statement within the directory area of the vhost file. And perhaps enabling the mod_rewrite.

No, .htacces is totally separate from PHP. It's a apache configuration file to change the configuration for that folder from the .htaccess file.

Make it possible for Spinning inside your .htaccess

RewriteEngine On

To do this you have to enable mod_rewrite inside your apache configuration.


You do not need the above mentioned Code within the .htaccess file if you possess the following somewhere inside your apache config:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>  
RewriteEngine on