I've produced a static website using xhtml, css and jquery. I've got zero understanding or knowledge of how php and mySQL works. Can you really create completely functional theme for wordpress? And just how about using frameworks?

You'll have the ability to get it done but you'd take some fundamental a minimum of PHP understanding to begin.

Begin getting phone Wordpress Codex - http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page.

It's full of all of the information you may require began.

After that take a look in an existing Wordpress theme. Try making small changes to that particular and find out the way you jump on.

You will not actually need MYSQL as Wordpress runs it's own, clear to see querys.

Best of luck.

Anything's possible with sufficient time.

At the minimum you will have to learn PHP, but this can be done by installing a current theme and modifying it to match your preferred HTML output.