The issue

The default navigation menu for WordPress includes links to parent pages along with a sub-menu that drops lower for that particular child pages. It has been stated in my experience it's not apparent the primary (parent) links are selectable i.e. once the drop lower child page links appear the consumer apparently might overlook the primary connect to the related parent page.

A good example

Possess a look in the primary navigation menu on this web site:

My question

I believe, the default WordPress navigation menu set-up is semantic, intuitive and finest practice. Towards the non-technically inclined mind, may be the menu intuitive enough? i.e. will all customers take notice of the parent link or should i reprogram recption menus?

Potential solutions

  1. It has been recommended in my experience which i reiterate parents links within the drop lower menu. This appears like terribly bad practice and breaks the general semantics from the menu. It's my estimation the selectivity from the parent page links happen to be implied through the hover condition.
  2. Using CSS to more clearly imply the selectivity from the parent page links.
  3. Reprogram recption menus altogether.

Check 'Menu Manager' Wordpress plugin in Wordpress which supplies options that come with dynamic menu creation.