Is any web site where I possibly could upload my JQuery/Javascript, CSS, and HTML projects to exhibit demos?

I'm searching for any free file hosting service

  • to exhibit my demos,
  • includes a public download place for individuals files,
  • and it is not only storing files on the server.

I've requested this because I'd be supplying links on my small blog where I can not store files or show their demos. For instance, I produce a lightbox with JQuery, now I'd like everybody to determine its demo.

Online Development Atmosphere, Code Editor, Cloud Hosting, Database Administration, Collaboration, free hosting etc...

An execllent listing of editors is here.

Hope it will help, Sinan.

Whether it's quick/lightweight, then

http://jsfiddle.internet or or

For link permanence: they are as permanent every 3rd-party free service is anticipated to become. Quite simply, use at the own risk.