I've got a wordpress_nav_menu "Primary Menu" like the following:

  • Top Level (#menu-item-1)
    • Sub Item
    • Sub Item
  • Top Level (#menu-item-2)
    • Sub Item
  • Top Level (#menu-item-3)
    • Sub Item A
    • Sub Item B
    • Sub Item C

Then during my template I wish to have the ability to echo wordpress_nav_menu Primary Menu sub products for say top level with id of menu-item-3.

So something similar to this: (but that will really work obviously)

wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'Main Menu' 'menu-item-id' => '3' ));

Which would return:

<li>Sub Item A</li>
<li>Sub Item B</li>
<li>Sub Item C</li>

Whether it matters this really is in order to show the sub products as side menu interior according to which primary food selection section your in dynamically. Thanks ahead of time!

While searching for this myself I discovered:


The secret would be to give a custom Master.