This really is some an unusual question.
I have been focusing on an internet site as well as in it's initial phases of development it experienced some drastic redesigns (a number of them actually) and today your directory is bloated with images and assets that have been area of the old designs. A few of these assets were re-used plus some weren't. The server space which I am uploading the web site is more compact compared to website right now and that i know after i obvious the old assets that it's going to fit around the webspace.

I am essentially wanting some magical tool to remove which images happen to be used and which haven't - so ultimately I'm able to remove those that haven't been used.

I request it in here if there is not an enchanting tool to get this done (I sincerely hope there's), I'll have to write some kind of script (PHP possibly?) to do this.

I have not found one, and tend to accept approach of by hand getting rid of old images will be able to easily tell are no more needed. And accepting that I won't have them all.

Overturn method of this really is to get rid of all the images, and find out which of them are essential ( using firebug or suchlike to recognize missing images around the pages ).

The issue by having an automated tools is the fact that images in css and code might not be acquired. Should you set a picture in code, from a variety of parameters, just how can any tool discover that?

I really hope another person may come along and prove me wrong....