i'm only a beginner in word-press too in PHP.I'm attempting to display author information together with his picture within the publish and also have effectively in a position to fetch all of the data from gravatar.com capable to display it around the right hands side bar effectively.

Presently this box is originating through the web site, but my requirement is it should simply be displayed when readers is around the publish detail page. According to my little understanding of word-press, i kw that every publish will likely to connect with some category. How do i in a position to show the writer box to simply publish detail page and hide it all other areas.Any help in connection with this is going to be much useful

simply to edit i've added following code

<?php  $category_ids = remove_element(get_all_category_ids(),'274');
     if (in_category($category_ids)) { ?>

this code isn't working but when i pass just one category id to in_category() function like

         if (in_category('8')) { ?>

if block is working fine.i'm unaware what's going wrong Thanks ahead of time

If you wish to show something around the publish detail page. You've to wreck havoc on single.php, it's the primary source. However if you wish to show some text from right sidebar only on Publish Pages this can be done.

// do this when viewing single post details

Edit sidebar.php and employ the is_single conditional tag to create the code appear only when just one publish is displayed.

Wrap your code in

<?php  if(is_single()){
// your code goes here!