I've added:

  1. groups
  2. posts in every category
  3. tags for posts
  4. icons from after sales of tags and groups

The tabs of tags and groups are turning up as the groups and tags added aren't turning up.

After I inspect it through firebug, it shows me:

<ul style="display:none"> .

But haven't applied such class.

I need some a lot of your template. If you are checking it via firebug, are you able to obtain the page and line quantity of the that appears to become the problem? I'd look into the document around the editor around the after sales of the wordpress site, and try to just leave the ul tag (since it is structural) and ditch the design and style altogether (just remove or outcomment the design and style) and find out how that actually works. You might seafood for that code by say, setting the ul style="display: true" or something like that like this.

You might try to look into the display configurations on all of the icons to determine that they're set to show. If you're able to show a lot of code in the actual page in which you begin to see the error it might help.