I am very a new comer to Silverlight...
Is Silverlight development just like ASP.Internet?

I have began focusing on a web-based College management in Silverlight 4 using Visual Studio 2010. I understand that Silverlight is client-side.

Please Explain working having a database inside a Silverlight 4 application. How can you do adding, removing, upgrading (CRUD application)?

You've essentially 4 options:

  • Make use of an embedded database. Some good examples: Ninja database light, db4o. The majority are commercial
  • Save your valuable data using serialization to the client's hard disk using IsolatedStorage: XmlSerializer may be the best choice with this, and as long as you do not have an excessive amount of data this really is fastest method.
  • Make use of a web service reference within the Silverlight client storing no data around the client whatsoever. All of the CRUD procedures are delivered to the server.
  • Make use of the WebClient class to gain access to some type of Peaceful service, getting data in a JSON format or similar. All of the CRUD procedures are delivered to the server by doing this too. Just like the net services, this is obtaining the data in the network every time the Silverlight application loads.