I am pretty a new comer to Silverlight/RIA/Asp.Internet factor, and I am attempting to figure if the Asp.Internet website is needed (for hosting the application) if If only to make use of RIA services with Silverlight?

You could utilize an internet Application for hosing the RIA services in the industry put together version of an internet site. This can be a distinction produced by Visual Studio for various kinds of web projects but that is probably not that which you mean.

Really though RIA is simply web service that can take a particular group of parameters. You technically can use PHP and create the same content although that appears like it may be a little of labor unless of course you will find frameworks that already do that.

Your RIA service will have to live somewhere online though. You do not need an internet site with webpages but you will have to run the service inside a web server like IIS which means it most likely needs to reside in an internet site, even when the web site does not have webpages.

No, you can't use RIA services with no ASP.Internet application. While it's true that you could create the after sales data service with PHP (or many other web related technologies), that wouldn't be using RIA services.

The fundamental concept of RIA services is use a super only denotes of plumbing your computer data classes through ASP.Internet. Mostly it's used along with an ORM and extra metadata classes inside your web application. After this you give a plan to manipulate your computer data. Whenever you compile the answer compared to work you probably did within the web project will get pressed to your Silverlight application (through code generation).