I'm ramping up a Silverlight application and want to have the ability to make use of a free hosting account to check that it'll run correctly inside a used atmosphere.

I'm wondering if anybody knows some free hosts for Silverlight 3. programs?

Silverlight is shipped via HTML, so any free host company works. If you want WCF services, that's a person's a little more difficult, but any service that provides "ASP.Internet hosting" should work with WCF, too.

I'm not sure about free, but http://world wide web.winhost.com may be the least expensive I have seen at $5/month. Includes 1000MB web and 100MB SQL 2008.

This isn't junk e-mail... I do not work there :)

You are able to upload a Silverlight application .xap to Bebo being an application. Begin to see the Bebo Silverlight Package for additional particulars.

CrystalTech also offers a $7.95/month ASP.Internet account which i use for hosting Silverlight demos.


Free Silverlight hosting with 10 gb storage.