I'm battling to determine a strategy to return the web site page title to the title. Presently the Silverlight Gallery has had within the index.htm title tag within the website design coding situated within the root directory. All of the subfolders get their title pages.

If your user bookmarks the home page, it might be the very first Silverlight Gallery movie title.

First, this isn’t a wordpress plugin. I made use of Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 and Silverlight Gallery Template that's provided with this program.

The index.htm title tag isn’t an issue on my small other websites that isn’t using WordPress because the root directory. For this reason I couldn’t find any support or forum search solutions.

The gallery is situated on my small customer’s website, bloginblack.org

WordPress uses the main directory by copying within the index.php and .htaccess in to the root directory and altering your directory core files to ('./wordpress/wordpress-blog-header.php')

The Silverlight Gallery is set up in WordPress theme directory.

I really hope this can be a obvious explanation.

Any suggestion?