What's the best yet simple Content management systems for closed-source programming project hosting? Let me keep web page basically, include screenshot, fundamental features and blog head lines on primary page, then have project blog, screenshots gallery, feature list and downloads on separate pages.

Transpire is somethong between http://world wide web.videolan.org/vlc/index.html , http://world wide web.7-zip.org/ and http://winmerge.org/

Appropriate styles for general-purpose CMSes are welcome too, but I am affraid Wordpress or Drupal may too complex for such reasons. Or am I wrong? Should i be wrong, please not publish "+1 for Wordpress", but please link theme that fits needs.

Let me host web page by myself, so Google Code and other alike doesn't fit.

Drupal isn't too complex for which for you to do and it is what I would suggest. You would like themese? Drupal has dozens and dozens

Trac is generally employed for programming project websites. It features a great integration with source control and bug monitoring, includes a built-in Wiki and easy to customize styles to suit your aesthetic needs.

I love to use Redmine with Subversion. Ive never attempted to theme it or anything though. It is also just a little complex however the complexity is really targeted toward maintaining projects instead of something similar to Drupal that is targeted toward "content".

http://world wide web.redmine.org/

This is an excellent match for Wordpress. Wordpress is really a good small Content management systems not only a blogging engine.

Use Wordpress's static page feature to construct your feature lists and download pages. Personalize the house page template to exhibit the data regarding your project, and move your blog articles to one for reds, showing only their head lines.

I can not recommend a style offhand, but this wouldn't be a tough factor to personalize.

If you do not mind using Bazzar as version control system I would suggest you Launchpad.

Otherwise Redmine will match your needs, but finding styles for this is tough.

If you are hosting just one project, Trac is going to be simpler to setup.

In my opinion when you want to host an entire site as you've recommended, then MODx Content management systems is a great alternative....

It's a perfectly featured Content management systems, with all of web page content being saved right into a MySQL database... wish to migrate your website... simple as.. Just copy the database and that's it...

Modules include, blogging, news letters + more!

Take a look at MODxcms.com and appear in the features!

BTW... The city discussion board is extremely, very useful too!

Think about using Trac.

Trac is a mixture of a wiki as well as an problem monitoring system, with some theming, it will likewise create a perfect home page. You may also extend it with plug ins. For example you can implement a project blog by utilizing blog wordpress plugin.

I understand Trac has some unattractive flavours, but when you want to pay attention to your software, Trac is a very great way to place all related stuff inside a same place.

Obviously if you have an interior project site / wiki, Trac isn't a wise decision.

I am quite keen on sNews - http://world wide web.snewscms.com/.

You are able to plug any fundamental template in it, all it requires is definitely an index page along with a css file.

Art galleries aren't incorporated automatically, but this is a mod that contributes them:


It isn't too bloated or complex, and it is easy to help keep clean as it features a minimal group of features to start with.