I have to develop a simple, single user database application for Home windows. Primary needs are independence from home windows version and installed software. What technologies (language/framework) can you recommend? My preference for language may be the Visual Fundamental.

EDIT: How about VB.Internet and SQL Server Compact Edition?

I would suggest Sqlite. It's totally self-contained, and public domain so you will find no license issues whatsoever.

Single user or multi user?

For single user, the solution could be SQLite

For multi user (or multithread), try MySQL or PostgreSQL.

As your requirement is really a home windows based application i recommend that you simply opt for sql server 2005 express edition the industry free tool, however with certain small restrictions. you are able to upgrade to some bigger version when you are having a compensated version.

You will find other DB engines like SQL Lite or FireBird, choose them when the support and growth options they offer are great enough for you personally

Furthermore, Visual Fundamental is eof lifed. VB.Internet may well be a better home windows based platform presently. It might provide a better platform / features to begin with and when you wish to grow the talent you've focusing on the project, i suppose .Internet talent is much more available than developers who wish to make use of a dead language.

SQLite is useful for a nearby desktop application. If you would like several customers, a couple of gigas of information, and multiple connections I'd use mysql or Firebird.

http://www.mysql.com/ http://www.firebirdsql.org/

FireBird SQL server is going to be factor of preference. You can use it both in embedded and multiuser mode like traditional databases. It implements most of the SQL standards and it has strong community base. It's readily available for Home windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X, Hewlett packard-UX

duplicate of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1578070/what-options-are-there-for-a-quick-embedded-db-in-internet/1578102#1578102

I'll repeat my answer after that:

"Or theres Esent, the built-in database that is available in each and every copy of home windows. Find out about it here: http://ayende.com/Blog/archive/2008/12/23/hidden-home windows-gems-extensible-storage-engine.aspx" and http://www.codeplex.com/ManagedEsent

As pointed out, SQLite is a superb single-user database. This page has VB/SQLite good examples. Once concerns is the fact that SQLite parses foreign key constraints, but doesn't enforce them. You should use this code to create "foreign key triggers" for SQLite, thus attaining a user friendly database with FK constraints.

For the way demanding your database needs are, though, you might like to consider MS Access.

I made use of SQL Server Compact Edition. It's like sqllite. Just one SDF file utilized using ADO.Internet. You are able to develop the application using Visual Fundamental .Internet and manage you database (add tables, posts, constraints, etc...) using Visual Studio.

SQLite might be what you're searching for. http://www.sqlite.org/

Based on your requirements for that application.

You could utilize SQLLite the industry excellent database without any installation needed.

You might use Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Server Compact 3.5.

Both of them are free!