To begin with, this site is

It is a pretty standard blog, and that i just (well, not long ago) did a redesign (company I understand you will find stuff that still need fixing, for example image links with skills and also the search engine results page), however the primary factor is the fact that I am utilizing a wordpress plugin for facebook: Simple Facebook Connect (you can google this). It appears to become damaged meaning that after you attempt to click on the application within the facebook sidebar, it requires you here rather than the particular application, and you click on the facebook logo design also it goes to the actual app. Tales are published towards the wall there, however they apparently don't appear to show in anyone's newsfeed. Personally, i have no clue why and when anybody available may help, I'd be thankful a great deal. Thanks ahead of time!

(ps. like a participant I am only permitted 2 links, hence the lack of them within this publish.)