I'm busy having a wordpress site. I'm utilizing a wordpress plugin known as wordpress-imageflow2, it uses the discription from the image when its upload to create a link, from things i collected it searches for http to create a link. I want the pictures to connect to a mailto tag.

To date I've got a connect to a html page within the description from the imageflow. Inside the html page I've the code below. It really works fine except it uses the html link within the address bar. Wouldso would When i first produce a new tab, open the e-mail address within the email client with a delay close the brand new tab. Which should leave for your original page. Is possible ?

 function myFunc(){
 window.open('newwindow', config='height=50, width=50')
 window.setTimeout("window.close()", 1000);

<body onload="myFunc();">

wordpress-imageflow2.php row 227

if (($link == 'true') && (substr($attachment->post_content,0,7) == 'http://')) $linkurl = $attachment->post_content;

just give a couple of more lines here:

else if (($link == 'true') && (substr($attachment->post_content,0,8) == 'https://')) $linkurl = $attachment->post_content;
else if (($link == 'true') && (substr($attachment->post_content,0,7) == 'mailto:')) $linkurl = $attachment->post_content;
else if (($link == 'true') && (substr($attachment->post_content,0,6) == 'ftp://')) $linkurl = $attachment->post_content;