It is possible to way I'm able to make joomla perform the following:

I've several mail accounts which should behave as attorney at law mailing-list. The administrator (and just the adminstrator) keeps a listing of customer email adresses owed a specific discussion group mail adress. Each time a Mail is distributed to e.g. specialinterestdiscussion(at), the mail will instantly be submitted to any or all clients owed to that particular list. When the sender is a component of this mailling-list it won't be submitted to him again. The sender doesn't always need to be area of the maintained list.

So essentially it's a simle subscriber list.

I haven't found a great fully integrated solution with this myself, but there's a fundamental Postman integration you could look for.

Since Joomla is really a php based engine it's just not difficult. Joomla itself can't operate a service without anyone's knowledge which may be needed for any subscriber list.

Really there's a means - by integrating a Wordpress plugin that runs on-site refreshes without anyone's knowledge and inspections for mails.

I'm able to recommend Mailster the industry free and Free subscriber list component for Joomla. It will precisely the job you really need it to complete, in the feature list:

  • Functional with any POP3/IMAP email account
  • Readers are handled through the admin within the after sales
  • Customers can (not)subscribe with frontend wordpress plugin (optional)
  • All Joomla customers could be selected as readers, additional customers could be saved
  • Customers could be organized in groups Single customers or whole groups could be
    added as readers of the subscriber list
  • Replies to subscriber list posts could be submitted to any or all readers
  • After sales mail archive for browsing the mails
  • Full attachment support
  • [... more...]

I'm using Mailster by myself web page having a GMail account and delay pills work like no bodies business.

To be sure, Joomla itself can't operate a service without anyone's knowledge.

However the way plug ins like Mailster or LazyBackup2 work allows something-like behavior. In case your site hasn't enough visits you need to take proper care of that. E.g. using a cron job that merely opens the web page via wget every X minutes.

I simply began to make use of Mailster and approached the developer concerning the same question and that he responded using the cron job advice as well as stated he intends to give a specific PHP apply for cronjobs. When this is ready you do not even must have the wordpress plugin any longer yet still be in a position to manage everything inside Joomla.