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are you aware associated with a free, simple to use, cms, that will permit me to merely edit the written text on my small site without needing to download the file, open the file, edit the code, save the file, upload the file ???????

I understand of the couple of CMS's which have done well, listed here are a couple of them.

  1. Wordpress - free - - 3. is originating soon
  2. Perch - compensated - - very light and simple

Wikipedia has an excellent listing of cms divided by language and price (freeOramazing) and DBMS. The majority of the ones I have used/examined previously happen to be .Internet based, for example DotNetNuke. Virtually any Content management systems provides you with a chance to edit your HTML without altering any files in your web server. If you are opting for simplicity, the Wikipedia list has several which use a set file rather than a database, and so i would start there:

You should use emacs -- it features a mode (tramp) where one can open, edit and save remote files as though these were in your local machine. This causes it to be quite simple to edit files on the webserver.

When it comes to ease of use zimplit is unequalled.
Try their demo. You are able to literally edit your site having a wysiwyg interface within your browser.

Instead of setting up a Content management systems in your server, you may be thinking about something like CushyCMS. It enables you to definitely specify what areas of your page are editable by setting a suitable class in each editable div tag. Then to edit the items in individuals div blocks, you log to the CushyCMS site making your changes immediately. CushyCMS connects via FTP towards the server for you personally and updates the HTML page.

haven't tried on the extender myself but i have heard Surreal Content management systems is very good and simple to create. Here is a tutorial to enable you to get began.

Refinery HQ is most likely the simplest method to create, edit increase your site. You are able to upload images and files while you describe inside your question.

You may also hook it up for your own domain (it is a located service). So you'd have the ability to hook the website you create as much as