The Apache module mod_autoindex creates "directory indexes" that demonstrate customers a crude hyperlinked listing of the files and sites in the directory (when there's no index.html or any other DirectoryIndex file).

I've got a directory with an Apache webserver where I wish to offer an automatic directory listing, such as the full filenames, sorted most-lately-modified-first, with file dimensions displayed, using easy and attractive presentation. I am unable to use mod_autoindex or any other Apache features.

I'm therefore searching for an easy script that does very similar factor as mod_autoindex. Quite simply I would like a script I'm able to include a directory that results an HTML document to STDOUT that consists of a hyperlinked listing of the files within the directory.

The script should present its output inside a simple &lifier attractive way (non-technical individuals will be utilising it), contain one file will be able to edit if needed, and ideally be OS-independent (in order to utilize it again later). Additional features could be great, but easy install is-important (though I'm pleased to tweak the code if I must).

My preference is perfect for a perl script (i.e. a file), but PHP could be acceptable (index.php). Individuals would be the only DirectoryIndex choices on the server.


I've made the decision to make use of snif instead of AutoIndex to resolve the present problem, however i am still thinking about getting a perl implementation, if you are conscious of one please publish it. Thanks.

snif is nice I believe meets all of your needs.

I suppose AutoIndex could solve your condition.

inside your httpd.conf file or with:

use Apache::Icon () use Apache::AutoIndex

from :