Altering password for user 1 appears like this:

UPDATE `mydb`.`wp_users`

   SET `user_pass` = MD5( 'password' )

 WHERE `wp_users`.`ID` = 1

Now, I've text file with your format:

user30 pass30


user2 pass2

user1 pass1

How do i change passwords for those these customers without having done it by hand? Maybe some sql command that may import it out of this file? As well as other method? I am using phpmyadmin, maybe I'm able to import that data in to these specific fields in some way?

I wish to only import password 5 and greater.

I'm not sure associated with a SQL which will import to have an update like this. However, you can import the file right into a table (let us refer to it as 'password_changes') with username and new_password fields, after which make a move like

UPDATE wordpress_customers, password_changes

SET wordpress_customers.user_pass = md5(password_changes.new_password)

WHERE wordpress_customers.user_login = password_changes.username

The statement above can change passwords for just individuals customers indexed by your file (and therefore imported in to the password_changes table). However, if you wish to be extra sure customers 1-4 do not get transformed, add AND wordpress_customers.ID >= 5 towards the query.