Using Mac OS X 10.6.7, preinstalled Apache2 and PHP.

I am attempting to install SimpleSAMLphp for authentication. The documentation describes how you can install simpleSAMLphp utilizing a VirtualHost, but different ways are referred to very inadequately.

Can someone describe how you can install SimpleSAMLphp without needing a VirtualHost?

The configuration line you'll need is:

Alias /simplesaml "/Users/andreas/simplesamlphp/www/"

inside your Apache configuration, and when you aren't using vhosts, putting it within the general config file. Place it near to DocumentRoot.

Should you don't want to the touch apache configuration files, you can simulate exactly the same having a symlink.

cd <webroot>

ln -s "/Users/andreas/simplesamlphp/www/" simplesaml

I'd reccomend that you simply join the SimpleSAMLphp mailinglist to request questions regarding simpleSAMLphp.