And So I play a web-based game that's internet based and Let me automate some things by using it using C#. Issue is which i can't simply employ WebClient.DownloadData() because I have to be drenched directly into really recieve the origin. Another alternative ended up being to make use of the built-in internet browser control but that does not produce use of source code. Any suggestions?

I do not think NetworkCredentials works in most cases. This is only for "Fundamental" or "Negotiate" authentication.

I have carried this out before by having an internal website for many load testing, but seems like you are attempting to "game" the overall game. For your reason I will not get into particulars however the login towards the website is most likely being completed in the type of an HTTP Publish whenever you hit the login button.

You'd need to trap the Publish request and replicate it inside your code and make certain that the implementation keeps the session condition too, if the overall game website is written well whatsoever it'll make certain the current session has drenched in before doing anything game related.

You are able to set the login qualifications around the webclient having its Qualifications property before calling DownloadData:

WebClient client = new WebClient()

client.Qualifications = new NetworkCredential("username", "password")

EDIT: As mjmarsh highlights, this can only work with sites which use challenging-response approach to authentication included in just one request (I am accustomed to coping with this at the office, I had not considered another types!). When the site uses forms authentication (or indeed every other type of authentication), this process won't act as the authentication isn't part of merely one request - multiple demands are essential that you'll want to deal with yourself.

Network qualifications won't act as mjmarsh has stated.

While web scrapping we run into large amount of pages where login is required. Among the approaches I personally use is install fiddler and monitor the Publish and obtain packets while by hand signing in the website. This enables you to definitely discover the way the browser looks like the login. You will want to recreate exactly the same process by Code.

For instance, most web servers use snacks to visualize the session is authenticated. To help you make use of the qualifications to publish Password on the internet site and record the Cookie. This cookie may then be employed to access any more particulars on the internet site.

Book link that follows to look at much more about Advanced Web Scrapping:

Within this blog, you will discover how you can authenticate into Yahoo account after which browse the page after authentication.